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How To Use Bumper Stickers: Things to Try, Things to Avoid

August 02, 2021 4 min read

Bumper stickers are a fun and affordable way of decorating your car. If you have a love for cars, you may have thousands of ideas for decorating your bumper. According to a recent survey, 60% of people place stickers on their vehicles. 

Bumper stickers are typically made of PVC and are usually between 10” long and 2” wide. Most stickers contain an interesting or cool message, phrase or image, that the car owner wants to share with other people.

Using bumper stickers is pretty straightforward, but if you have never used one before, there are a couple of things you should know about them. These are several things to try and avoid when using vinyl stickers. 



How to Choose Bumper Stickers

When selecting a bumper sticker, there are numerous options to choose from; it all depends on what you like. Bumper stickers can have different shapes, sizes, colors, and concepts. It’s all about choosing a vinyl sticker that you like for your car and expresses your personality. 

 You can use an already existing design, but for people who are a bit creative, one of the best ways to choose a bumper sticker is to create your own. Rather than using somebody else’s design, think of a bumper sticker that represents you. You could try designing your own or involve your kids in the process to make it more unique. 

At Vinyl Mayhem, we print custom vinyl stickers. You can come to us with a finished idea ready for printing, or send us the basic concept, and we’ll turn it into a fantastic sticker. For some inspiration, explore our popular collections of vinyl stickers. 

How to Apply Bumper Stickers Correctly

Our vinyl stickers are made from weather resistant material used in making commercial signs and graphics. Sticks to a variety of surfaces including glass, plastic, glossy painted surfaces, etc.  These stickers have a 3-5 year outdoor life depending on the environment they are exposed to. For best results, apply to a cool, dry surface.  Applying in full sun or heat can greatly increase the number of bubbles.

Step 1: Clean surface with a lint free paper towel and glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol.
Step 2: Peel sticker away from paper backing.
Step 3: Position sticker slightly above the installation location.
Step 4: Gently press the sticker onto the surface.
Step 5: Using a squeegee or your fingers, rub the sticker down working from the center out.
If any air bubbles persist, poke the corner with a sharp Xacto razor knife.


Tips to Keep in Mind With Bumper Stickers

Try using these tips so that your bumper sticker looks great and lasts a long time. 

1. Keep it Simple

A bumper sticker should communicate a short and direct message. A sticker with too much information or a highly elaborate design can defeat the whole concept of a bumper sticker. People should look at it and get the idea almost instantly. We have trendy designs at Vinyl Mayhem in many different categories, from sports and music to political or religious stickers. 

2. Use the “Goldilocks” Rule

Choose a bumper sticker that’s the right size for your car, neither too large or too small. A bumper sticker that’s too large doesn’t look great, and a sticker that’s too small can be hard to read. Don’t make the words too small to try to fit more words in. In general, a bumper sticker should be short and easy to read. 

3. Find a Great Printing Company

Look for a reputable and experienced sticker and graphics company that offers great quality. The company should use high-quality graphics, papers, and adhesives. This ensures that your bumper sticker stays put and the colors and images are clearly visible and resistant to fading. 


Things to Avoid With Bumper Stickers

There are also some basic things you should avoid when using vinyl stickers on your car’s bumper. Before you buy a sticker or apply it to your car, make sure you read these tips on what to avoid. 

1. Don’t Prioritize Price Before Quality

Vinyl stickers are affordable but look for a quality printing company even if it costs a bit more than printing it somewhere else. Quality printing increases the lifespan of your sticker. The colors and graphics also look more vibrant. You should be careful about this point if you are buying in bulk for a business or an event, as minor flaws in the printing process can have a big impact on the final result. 

2. Don’t Retry Applying a Sticker

Sometimes, after applying the sticker, you might get the urge to remove and reapply it. Perhaps you want to move it a bit to the left or fix the angle. Removing it to reapply will damage the sticker and make it lose its adhesive properties. If you buy a sticker, it’s a good idea to buy a couple of the same kind in case something goes wrong when you apply it. 

3. Never Apply a Sticker on a Dirty Surface 

Applying a sticker on a dirty surface means that the texture won’t be smooth, and, depending on how dirty the car is, the adhesive won’t work optimally. 


Get Your Bumper Stickers at Vinyl Mayhem Stickers

At Vinyl Mayhem Stickers, we love providing amazing and creative stickers for both individuals and businesses. We are one of the leading graphic shops in the United States, and our work has been featured in magazines such as D Sport, Import Tuner, Surfing, and BodyBoarding.              

We have also completed projects for important events such as X Games and the Toyota Grand Prix at Long Beach. Contact us and order your custom vinyl sticker today.