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Product Info - Uses


Vinyl Transfer Stickers, also known as die-cuts, thermal die-cuts, and plotter cuts, are the cornerstone of our business. To date, we have manufactured over 2 million vinyl transfer stickers for all types of uses… That’s why we call it Vinyl Mayhem!  We use high quality vinyl materials with an outdoor lifespan of 3-7 years. We use clear application/transfer tape to finish our vinyl graphics, which adds to the visual appeal of the product. With clear transfer tape, the graphic and its characteristics can easily be seen through the surface and allows for an easier installation.

  Vinyl Transfer Sticker layer example

Vinyl Transfer Stickers have several advantages over printed stickers. They work well on windows, sign boards, automotive body panels, and just about any smooth hard surface you can apply them to.  All our vinyl transfer stickers are cut on our high-speed vinyl cutters.


Printed Stickers, also known as stickers, bumper stickers, or sometimes “slaps,” have single or multiple ink colors printed onto a sheet of vinyl material. We use high quality white, or sometimes clear, vinyl that has an outdoor lifespan of 3-7 years. Printed stickers can be made with wide format inkjet printers or by screen printing. Our printers use inks that are waterproof, UV and abrasion resistant.  They can be cut into different shapes such as rectangles or squares, circles or ovals, or even a flow-line contouring the edge of the design.

Printed stickers have several advantages over die-cut stickers. They are visually appealing and can include multiple colors and photographic images. They have an easy peel-and-stick application process. They typically cost less and are usually much easier to remove than vinyl die-cuts.

Assorted Custom Printed Die Cut Stickers Decals  Custom Printed Die Cut Stickers Decals for Customers


Our banners are made with durable 13 ounce banner material with woven nylon webbing, reinforced corners, and quality brass grommets. Our printing is done with wide format digital printers using waterproof, UV and abrasion resistant inks. Banners are a great way to promote an event, advertise a brand or company, or use for any type of exhibit. They are a type of portable sign that can easily be hung, affixed, draped, or otherwise displayed just about anywhere! Great for the indoors and outdoors, banners are typically used in business to advertise a product or service, at trade shows, exhibitions, events, and for schools and sporting events.

Custom Design and Printed Sports Banners  Welcome Home Banner



A sign is any type of substrate or underlying material on which other materials such as ink, vinyl, paint, or other coatings are applied. Signs incorporate the design or use of text and symbols to communicate a message. Signs are typically used for the purpose of advertising/marketing or advocacy, but are also used for personal expression and motivational purposes.

We make a variety of signs including corrugated plastic, metal, magnetic, and wood. We also make election/campaign signs, custom shape golf tournament sponsorship signs, and custom wood craft signs.

Corplast Election Signs  Custom Printed Event Signs


Our digital prints are done with wide format digital printers using waterproof, UV and abrasion resistant inks. Digital prints can be done on vinyl for easy mounting onto any surface, such as wall and vehicle wraps. They can also be printed directly onto substrates such as poster paper, photo paper, or canvas. Our digital prints are great for businesses, personal use, or any event.

 Digital Prints - Vinyl Wraps


The use of T-shirts grew in the 1950’s and in the 1960’s, gaining popularity for self-expression as well as brand advertising, souvenirs, and for protests. By the 1980’s, T-Shirts became the standard form of marketing for companies and personal expression for consumers. Graphics can be applied to garments by screen-printing, thermally applied screen-printed transfers, heat press vinyl (HTV), and the latest technology, Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. We special order many different garment styles for all of our client orders. For our online selection, we use heavyweight, 100% cotton, pre-shrunk T-Shirts for all of our designs.

Custom Printed T-Shirts  Cannonball Memorial Run - Back the Blue T-shirt


Vehicle Graphics are a great way to advertise a business, for personal expression, create a livery for a race car/sponsorship logos, or display one's favorite brands, likes, or interests. Vehicle Graphics can be applied to body panels, upper windshield, hood, windows, spoiler, or even wrap an entire vehicle! 

 Vinyl Vehicle Body Graphics


Our license plate frames fit standard U.S. license plates and add a personal touch to vehicles or can help promote a brand or product. Our custom fonts or designs are applied to our metal chrome or black license plate frames to create a personalized item. 

 Custom License Plate Frames


We carry many of the common vinyl tools used in the trade by professionals. Squeegees, razor knives, and Lil’ Chizler removal tools are the standard in any shop. Our stock vinyl material is also available uncut for your own do-it-yourself projects, covering or wrapping items.

Vinyl Graphics and Sign Making tools


Our products have infinite uses!

Our products are great for individuals, businesses, homes, stores, offices, vehicles, boats, RV’s, trailers, meetings, conventions, clubs, school projects, little league/soccer/sports teams, schools, churches, non-profit organizations, competitions, restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, microbreweries, farmers’ markets, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, family reunions, bachelorette parties, baby showers, birthday parties, grand openings, tattoo artists, street artists… just about anything you can think of!  Our products leave lasting impressions. They add a personal touch. They generate exposure, word-of-mouth buzz, and social media likes, comments, and shares. They attract new patrons and promote customer loyalty.

Some suggested product uses:

  •       Personal Expression
  •       Commemorate an event
  •       Advertising/Brand Awareness
  •       Direct traffic to your website or Social Media page
  •       Promotional use/Hand-outs/Giveaways
  •       Packaging, labeling, shipments, and gift wrapping
  •       Publicize sales and other promotions
  •       Build Customer Loyalty
  •       Get exposure for Social Media accounts
  •       Gift Bags
  •       Party Favors
  •       Campaigns
  •       Save-the-date/Appointment reminders
  •       Invitations/Thank You correspondence
  •       Custom labels for homemade products
  •       Safety/Caution/Warning advisements
  •       Make a personal or political statement
  •       Promote beliefs or causes
  •       Scrapbooking
  •       Vacation/Travel folders

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