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Car Decals Provide Personality to the Vehicle

August 09, 2021 4 min read

Vehicle decals have been used for years for both commercial and privately owned cars. Whether it’s a small bumper sticker with a hilarious catchy slogan or it’s a full vinyl decal wrap that contains business information, car decals can add a bold injection of personality to your vehicle.

Modern marketing is becoming more digitally focused than ever. While it’s important for businesses to put time into social media campaigns, email marketing, and other forms of digital marketing, more traditional advertising channels shouldn’t be ignored. Car decals are an excellent form of word-of-mouth marketing that can trigger an immediate response with other road users, particularly for local organizations. If a business has a fleet of vehicles, car decals can spread personality and marketing messages for free as employees travel. Automotive vinyl decals are removable but are manufactured to last several years, meaning they are a cost-effective advertising option.

For car enthusiasts, vinyl car decals are an excellent way to reflect your ideas andpersonalize your vehicle.At Vinyl Mayhem, we provide a range of quality vinyl products that can add a touch of character to your vehicle, from a full car wrap to a headlight graphic. Spread a customized message or modify the look of your vehicle through personalized decals.

Vehicle decals

How Decals Add Personality

Depending on your intended use, there are several ways that car decals can provide personality to a vehicle. Although many private vehicle owners customize their cars with decals and stickers, it’s common to see businesses and political organizations or representatives use decals as adverts. 

In certain industries, company vehicles travel thousands of miles every week, meaning they could be used to extend the company's reach significantly. These decals can have an excellent return on investment (ROI) if the vehicles reach your target demographic. Vehicle decals are visually striking but convey a message in a relatively non-aggressive manner. Whether you’re displaying an advertising message or a colorful, customized wrap, you can add personality without being ostentatious. Here is a more detailed look at how car decals add personality to a vehicle. 

  • Emphasizes Car Features

According toaBusiness Wire survey, 60% of car owners have put a bumper sticker on their vehicle at some point. Most drivers have had a chuckle at a funny bumper sticker they came across in traffic. However, decals and vinyl stickers can also be used to draw attention to other car features. 

For example, if you’ve installed a custom body kit, you may install a branded wrap or custom decal to draw attention to it. Alternatively, vinyl headlight graphics, tailgate stickers, and window graphics can help emphasize the features which make your car unique. 

  • Cost-Effective Vehicle Customization

Many people assume they need to invest in expensive modifications and paintwork to give their vehicle a distinctive character. While chrome accessories, large spoilers, and other modifications may look great, they are expensive and may increase your annual insurance costs. 

Vinyl decals can be permanent and are a cost-effective way of giving your car personality. Althoughsome insurance companies may have issues with racing stripes and certain speed-related decals, other custom stickers typically won’t increase your premiums.


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  • Attracts Immediate Attention

A glance out your window can inform you very quickly whether your Amazon parcel has arrived. Logistics companies like FedEx and UPS have instantly recognizable vehicles that are synonymous with their brands. An attractive decal commands the attention of passers-by, ensuring they engage with the brand’s colors and graphics.

Similarly, an American flag sticker set can grab the attention of other drivers when stopped in traffic, demonstrating the user’s patriotic values. Gear heads often proudly displayAPR Performance stickers to reflect their personality as an auto-enthusiast. Vinyl graphic kits can be applied to vehicles, with the stickers being trimmed to fit around door jambs, fenders, and other car parts. Commercial wraps, custom bumper stickers, and auto performance brand decals give your car character, making them instantly recognizable in the area. Well-designed and expertly fitted decals can also enhance the look of your vehicle, giving it a professional touch.

  • Mobile Advertising Platform For Businesses

One of the biggest advantages of using custom decals for vehicles is that they allow you to impart your personality as a form of mobile advertising. A branded vehicle represents an organization wherever it travels, acting as a mobile billboard. Studies suggest that60% of customers prefer to purchase from companies they’ve heard of before. So it is beneficial for businesses to use branded vehicles for advertising. Unique designs and quirky decals can add personality to your brand, making it well-known in your town or city.

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Custom Vehicle Graphics From Vinyl Mayhem

Vinyl Mayhem is a leading provider of vehicle graphics such as decals, bumper stickers, window vinyl, graphic kits, and installation equipment. We provide a wide range of vinyl stickers from a host of popular car brands, such as 8 Points, Oracal, Skunk2 Racing, and APR Performance. We also supply Lil Chizler installation and removal equipment, ensuring you have no issues putting on and taking off your decals. 

Whether you want to display a tongue-in-cheek message on your rear windshield, show your support for a political campaign with a body sticker, or place a performance sticker on your car’s fender, we supply a host of ready-made decals to give your car personality. However, if you need a custom decal for a commercial vehicle, we can also bring your corporate brand personality to life.

Car decals from Vinyl Mayhem are a cost-effective way to promote your business or add flair to your vehicle. No matter your reasons for personalizing your car, get in touch with Vinyl Mayhem. Visit our website to explore our full range of products.