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How To Print The Best Quality Custom Stickers

July 19, 2021 4 min read


Custom stickers are a fun and creative way of decorating your car and other items. With custom stickers, you can decide the shape, size, and design of the sticker, allowing you to use it on a wide variety of objects. You can decorate snowboards and skis, motorcycle helmets, water bottles, containers, luggage, and more.

A custom sticker usually features a short and unique message that you want to share with the world. A lot of people like to decorate their cars with stickers of their favorite sports teams or movies. At Vinyl Mayhem, we have a large collection of popular vinyl stickers available, and you can also send us your own design.

If you want to print a custom sticker, you should choose an experienced company. Vinyl Mayhem stickers are made with high-quality materials and a refined printing process. Printing stickers is a kind of art, and only the best printing technique and materials produce an amazing sticker for you to put on your car. This is how we achieve premium-quality stickers at Vinyl Mayhem.

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High-Resolution Printing

At Vinyl Mayhem, we use printing equipment of the highest quality. Even if your design is fairly complex, we can achieve your vision. Our high-resolution printing creates sharp lines and vibrant colors, helping you make a big impression with your custom sticker.

Don’t worry if you can only send us a design that has low-resolution. If you give us permission, we will work from that design and turn it into a high-quality sticker for you. Designing your own custom sticker for the first time can be challenging. If you don’t feel like designing the sticker yourself, you can send us the basic concept, and we’ll create the sticker for you from scratch.

If you are a company looking for a high-quality custom sticker, contact us for a quote. For the past two decades, we have helped thousands of businesses with creative and eye-catching stickers.

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High-Quality Vinyl

Vinyl, or polyvinyl chloride, is a synthetic plastic polymer that is both tough and durable. Because vinyl is a kind of plastic, it doesn’t deteriorate with moisture and lasts longer than other stickers. At Vinyl Mayhem, we use vinyl of the highest quality, ensuring that our stickers perform well for a long time.


Strong Adhesive

When it comes to stickers, a strong adhesive is key for optimal performance. Vinyl stickers have stronger adhesive than paper stickers, ensuring they stay put once they are applied. We combine high-quality vinyl with durable industrial-strength adhesive to create stickers that work extremely well.


It’s important to remember not to try reapplying the sticker after the first attempt. Because the adhesive is strong, taking off the sticker to change the position will damage it. You need to use a heat gun and a solvent or wax mixture to remove the vinyl sticker safely from your gear.



An essential aspect of quality stickers is their ability to stand wind, rain, snow, and sunlight. A sticker that is resistant to these weather conditions stays in good condition for much longer. Cars are often exposed to changing weather, and if the sticker isn’t weatherproof, it will soon wear out.

We coat out stickers with a protective UV laminate at Vinyl Mayhem that makes them extra resistant to fading due to the sun’s rays. The coating also improves the sticker’s resistance to water and protects it from scratches.


Why Do You Need High-Quality Custom Stickers?

Designing a custom sticker is an excellent way for businesses to make an impression and build brand recognition. You want a high-quality sticker with great graphics and colors so that the name of your brand sticks out. We offer wholesale pricing for qualified customers. Explore our website to learn more about our custom vinyl stickers, or contact us at

You don’t need to be a business to want an amazing custom sticker. Custom vinyl stickers are great for decorating cars and all kinds of gear, from snowboards to helmets. 


1.      They are Unique

Instead of choosing a sticker that other people are already using, you can get creative and design your own. The most important part of a sticker is the idea or concept. You don’t need to be good at drawing or designing. If you have an idea for a vinyl sticker that you think would look great on your car, we can take care of the whole process for you, from designing to printing. 


2.      Freedom of Design

If you want to decorate gear or vehicles such as motorcycles or quads, you need the freedom to choose the right sticker dimensions. With custom stickers, you can choose the right size, style, and shape of the sticker. If you need a bit of inspiration, look online for some interesting designs


3.      Durability

High-quality vinyl stickers are durable and can resist water and sunlight. Stickers are generally affordable, but you want to go with a high-quality option that ensures optimal longevity.

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Get Your Quality Custom Stickers With Vinyl Mayhem Today

Since 1996, we have been providing high-quality stickers and graphics for individuals and companies. Our work has been featured in D Sport, Import Tuner, Surfing, and BodyBoarding.


We have also completed projects for popular events such as the Toyota Grand Prix at Long Beach and the extreme sports event X Games. If you want to create your own unique custom stickers, we can help. For more information, explore our website or contact us.