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How to Boost Up Sales With the Help of Custom Stickers

June 24, 2021 4 min read

Vinyl Mayhem Custom Stickers


Word of mouth marketing has long been touted as one of the most effective advertising approaches in business. It is a form of marketing that involves building trust between a business and its customers.  A Nielson Study reported that 92% of consumers valued recommendations from friends or family members over any other type of advertising. As a more subtle approach to marketing, it eliminates any form of a hard sell from the equation, making people more responsive to your advertising strategies.

Although word of mouth suggests that a marketing message is spread literally through verbal communication, there are several variations of this type of advertising. Word of mouth doesn’t necessarily allude to brand enthusiasts going from person to person, promoting certain products and services. Non-verbal communication can also fall into this category. A very effective way of promoting a brand and increasing sales is through custom stickers

As well as acting as a representation of the brand from verbal and visual standpoints, stickers are a cost-effective marketing approach. Custom stickers are easy to design, print, and distribute. They can be scaled to different shapes and sizes, meaning they can be adapted to various scenarios. From automotive vinyl decals to signs or banners, custom stickers are incredibly versatile and can help boost up sales as part of a strong marketing strategy.


Vinyl Mayhem Stickers

Vinyl Mayhem is one of the leading graphics stores in the industry. Operating since 1996, we have been providing quality marketing materials for businesses and brands for 25 years. While we specialize in creating private label stickers for a variety of businesses, we can make all types of prints, from t-shirts to license plate frames. 

Examples of our work have appeared in famous car magazines, including D Sport, Import Tuner, and Sport Compact Car. Our custom car decals, bumper stickers, and vinyl stickers are famous within the automotive industry.

Vinyl Mayhem Stickers

Each of our prints are custom-designed with the customer in mind, ensuring they have the highest quality goods that align with their marketing targets. Whether they want to increase their brand presence on existing vehicles or start handing out marketing goods to potential customers, we create custom prints specifically for our vendors.


Types of Stickers

Everyone loves a freebie, and giving customers free swag shows you value them.  Rather than sending vouchers, gift baskets, or free food, why not send something of value that also benefits your brand? Stickers are some of the best branded items to send customers. It improves your brand recall among customers and encourages them to spread your message by using the sticker.

 custom vinyl decals

 There are many options when it comes to stickers, from vinyl car decals to custom bumper stickers. Whether you want to give out free custom car stickers at a trade show or you’re looking for custom vinyl decals near me, Vinyl Mayhem is your go-to sticker provider. We specialize in providing custom vinyl decals, but we also provide a host of other print options. Some of our most popular products include: 


  ● Vinyl Transfer Stickers

The core products that we offer are Vinyl Transfer Stickers, which are also known as plotter cuts or thermal die-cuts. Since opening, we’ve produced more than 2 million vinyl transfer stickers for various industries. Each of our products is created using quality materials so they’ll last for 3 to 7 years or the exterior of your car, making our car vinyl stickers perfect for promoting your brand long-term.

Vinyl Transfer Stickers are particularly effective when applied on windows, signboards, vehicle body panels, and other smooth and hard surfaces. All our car vinyl stickers are manufactured on high-speed cutters and finished with the finest clear transfer tape available.


  ● Printed Stickers

Our printed stickers work perfectly as decal stickers for car bumpers. These slaps are vinyl decals and can be created with wide-format digital printers. For such vinyl decal stickers, we use UV-, abrasion-, and water-resistant inks in our printers. Custom vinyl decals for cars can be made into various shapes, adding to the uniqueness of your brand.

Printed stickers have some benefits compared with die-cut decals. These car decal stickers are eye-catching and can be printed in multicolored inks and with photographic images. With clearer imagery, they can be more effective in showing off your brand or marketing message, increasing your chances of making a sale. They are generally less expensive and easier to remove than vinyl transfer stickers, making them perfect cheap custom bumper stickers for businesses adopting fresh marketing approaches regularly.

Printed stickers


  ● Digital Prints

Digital prints can be created in a variety of materials, depending on your needs or budget. Custom vinyl stickers are very popular as they can be easily mounted onto virtually any surface, including walls and vehicles. Our digital prints may also be printed onto paper or canvas, making them suitable for one-off sales events or campaigns.


  ● Vehicle Graphics

Car decals are some of our favorite ways to advertise. Automotive vinyl decals can be applied to all areas of the cars, including windows, body panels, upper windshields, hoods, and spoilers. Full vehicle wraps are excellent sales tools and are some of the most detailed car stickers available. From vinyl bumper stickers to those custom car decals near me you’ve been searching for, Vinyl Mayhem can provide an impactful marketing injection into your sales strategy.


Get In Touch With Vinyl Mayhem

Vinyl Mayhem provides quality vinyl decal stickersfor a host of businesses, from home-based companies to large corporations. Stickers generate brand exposure, promote word of mouth publicity, and send customers directly to your website or social media pages.

By displaying your brand on vehicles and other surfaces, you can attract new customers and encourage customer loyalty, leading to increased sales in the long term. Alternatively, you can create small custom prints to hand out to potential customers for free. Whatever your sales goals are, contact Vinyl Mayhem for more information on how we can help give your campaign a boost.