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Tips for Effective Advertising Stickers

October 13, 2021 4 min read

With an increased focus on digital platforms in modern marketing, many businesses overlook the power of traditional approaches. Today, consumers are becoming less reactive to online promotions because social media apps and websites are saturated with advertisements. While digital marketing remains a crucial aspect of an effective advertising strategy, it can be beneficial to explore other options.

Vinyl stickers have been used in successful promotional campaigns for many years. Since they can be applied to various surfaces, well-designed stickers demand attention and work as effective forms of mobile marketing.

Although advertising using stickers is powerful and cost-effective, it may not be enough to order basic prints of your company name. Through strategic decision making, you can create eye-catching stickers that not only grab the customers’ attention but also influence them to visit your store, social media pages, or website. Here are five tips for developing effective advertising stickers.

  • Create a Custom Logo

A logo is a visual representation of your brand. It expresses your business personality and can create an emotional connection with customers. Creating a custom logo is essential if you want your brand to stand out among competitors, particularly when engaging in a visual marketing strategy.

An effective logo should be eye-catching, memorable, incorporate your brand identity and values, and it must be scalable. Although a letter-heavy logo may look good on large prints, it may lose effectiveness when printed as small stickers. Color and strong imagery help give your logo character.

While having a unique logo can be beneficial, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Take inspiration from thriving brands or businesses you admire and consider incorporating some of their ideas. Symbols and imagery related to your industry are often effective at communicating a message.

  • Use the Right Colors

The psychology of color is a key focus for many successful brands. This refers to the study of how different colors influence human behavior. One study found that 90% of customers based their product judgments on color alone. Colors can play on customer’s emotions, evoking the desired response that attracts them to your brand.

An example of the power of color in advertising is the use of red in the Coca-Cola branding. Coca-Cola red is iconic, and it’s no surprise that red is a color that inspires, excites, and stimulates customers. It is a color of passion and represents a vibrant and energy-filled product or service.

Green is another influential color that is frequently used as a symbol of health and nature. It can be used to convey a message of calm and neutrality. For this reason, businesses campaigning based on eco-conscious initiatives often feature green heavily in their advertising.

In contrast, black is sophisticated and direct. It is a popular color used to advertise expensive or luxurious items, such as clothing or jewelry. Depending on the nature of your business, specific colors may be beneficial to incorporate into your sticker advertising campaign. If you’re designing custom vinyl stickers for international distribution, ensure the colors convey the right message in the destination where they’ll be displayed.

  • Choose Fonts Carefully

Typography refers to the technique of designing lettering and numbers to convey written language. It involves arranging certain typefaces, sizes, line-length, and spacing.

Like coloring, the fonts used for branding can gain a customer’s attention, dictate where they look, and elicit certain emotions. Consumers tend to absorb words and lettering as a whole, meaning the visual impact of a word can significantly influence the meaning of the text.

Common types of fonts you can use for your stickers include serif, sans serif, and script. Serif fonts are traditional in style, making them popular for formal businesses. Times New Roman is an example of a serif font.

Sans serif fonts don’t display the lines or feet at the end of letters or numbers, giving them a modern look. Sans serif fonts are popular among technology companies. Examples of sans serif fonts include Helvetica or Calibri.

Script fonts are more decorative and fluid, suggesting creativity and elegance. They come in various styles and are popular for marketing campaigns in the arts and design sectors. Ensure the fonts you use reflect the personality of your business.

  • Don’t Overcrowd the Sticker Design

Overcrowding your sticker design can detract from the core message you’re trying to convey. While you may be tempted to pass useful information to the consumer, it is likely to go unnoticed in the clutter, especially on car bumper stickers, which are often in motion when being read.

Use the sticker design to grab the customer’s attention and increase brand awareness, leaving other suitable platforms like your website to provide more detailed information about your products or services.

Eye-catching imagery, a slogan, a short message, and contact information are usually the most persuasive elements of an advertising sticker. Your sticker should complement and improve an existing marketing strategy rather than function as a standalone communication tool.

  • Plug Social Channels and Website

Social media icons are instantly recognizable and may trigger a customer to visit some of your pages. Incorporate your social media handles into the sticker design to encourage people to follow your channels. This is an excellent way to grow your audience and engage with your target market organically.

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