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Custom Car Stickers Improve Product Impression and Make it More Striking

October 27, 2021 4 min read

Custom Car Sticker

Millions of Americans buy stickers for their cars and trucks to showcase political, religious, and recreational affiliations or pride. For many companies, stickers are an integral and cost-effective part of their marketing strategy, enabling them to promote their brand or product in a visual medium.

By creating a stylish and recognizable design, you can incentivize customers to promote your company’s identity by displaying your logo on their vehicle. Custom car vinyl stickers act as mobile billboards, increasing brand awareness.

Brand awareness is the “degree of consumer recognition of a product by its name.” This can be extended to encompass the visual appearance of a logo, which is often one of a company’s most important marketing tools. For prospective customers to interact with your business, they first need to know you exist. This is why creating brand awareness is critical.

While companies promote brand awareness online, primarily through social media channels, physical branding is not outdated. Many customers prefer physical media, including printed stickers, for decorating everything from cars and T-shirts to laptops.

Car Sticker Design
When designing custom car decals to display your brand, sketch a few ideas. Decide what kinds of colors and shapes you’d like to use. If there’s text, you’ll also need to decide on a font style and size.

The combination you select should be readable and consistent with the tone of your brand, whether that’s fun and inviting or professional and serious. Regardless of the design that you settle on, always check that it’s not already trademarked. There are a few stylistic criteria that your sticker should meet, at a minimum, to be appealing.

  • Color Coordination

    To successfully promote your custom logo, you need it to be visible. Car stickers often rely on bright colors and contrast to be recognizable to customers, especially from a distance. For example, dark colors against a light-colored background, or vice versa, ensure your logo’s details or lettering stand out at a glance.

    Bright colors that draw attention and are visually attractive can also be a good idea, depending on the tone you wish to convey. Above all, you should maintain consistency with your other promotional materials, such as brochures and flyers.

    For example, if your company’s logo uses red, white, and blue, your custom car stickers should also feature these colors in roughly the same ratios. You want onlookers to associate one with the other whenever possible. If you’re unsure of colors that complement one another, consult a color chart.

    Also, consider that the colors you choose may influence how your consumers feel about the company. While vibrant hues like yellow and orange can evoke optimism and excitement, blues or grays are more soothing and serious.

    best Custom Car Sticker
    • Slogans

    A slogan is a memorable phrase or motto used to convey information about a product or service. If you decide to use a slogan for advertising your brand, keep it short. Don’t be afraid to express humor in your slogan; however, you should identify the demographic you want to appeal to and target them accordingly.

    Identifying your target demographic is an essential component of a successful marketing campaign. If you have several demographics on your radar, create a custom sticker for each one. This will expand your brand’s reach and profit potential.

    • Formatting

    Before sending your sticker design to the local print shop for a bulk order, you must print samples to assess the graphics, colors, and text quality. You don’t want to be stuck with 1,000 custom stickers with pixelated graphics or improperly sized font.

    Format the graphical assets in high resolution so that your prints will exemplify the quality of your brand to the customer. Improper formatting can make your stickers look cheap or difficult to read, defeating the purpose of stickers as advertising. Even if your stickers are affordably priced, they should look professional.

    • Clean Design

    Your goal in designing custom car decal stickers is to achieve a readable and cosmetically attractive product that customers want to show off. That means avoiding clutter and ensuring clean lines and legible text. Too many graphical images or colors can cause visual chaos, confusing the reader. A simple, eye-catching design is often sufficient.

    Choose Vinyl
    When you’re in the market for custom stickers, there are, primarily, two options available: paper and vinyl. Paper stickers can crack and fade in direct sunlight, destroying your brand’s logo. They’re also susceptible to cleaning products and rainwater.
    Car vinyl stickers are more durable than paper stickers, offering protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation, car washes, and the elements.

    Vintl Mayhem

    Vinyl Mayhem Has Everything You Need
    Promoting your brand using stickers is an effective and inexpensive advertising solution for many companies. At Vinyl Mayhem, we offer vinyl stickers, custom orders for individuals, and private label manufactured brand name vinyl stickers for businesses.

    Established in 1996, our work has been featured in various sports publications and film productions. If you need help designing a sticker or want to order prints of your design, contact us for a free quote.