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The Benefits of Using Custom Vinyl Stickers

November 24, 2021 5 min read

Stickers are one of the most popular promotional items used by businesses today because of their versatility and longevity. Even when applied outside and exposed to the elements, vinyl stickers can hold up for approximately three years.

Using custom vinyl stickers for your business or as decor in your home or car offers many benefits, including affordability and convenience. Vinyl decals can be a cost-effective way to advertise your business or fundraising event in many unique places, from cars to storefront windows.

Advantages of Custom Vinyl Stickers
Vinyl stickers are an effective method for advertising and promoting your business. They help you stand out from the competition, giving customers a reason to choose your establishment over other local businesses in town.

  • Resistant to fading
The durability and non-degradability of vinyl make it an excellent choice for a wide range of environments, including indoor and outdoor settings. Vinyl stickers can withstand water and intense sunlight thanks to their waterproof adhesive and UV-resistant print, so they won’t fade or blur in the sun.

When you invest in custom vinyl stickers, you reap the benefits of continual marketing because of their longevity.

  • Convenient application
Vinyl stickers are popular among brick-and-mortar businesses due to how easy they are to apply. All you have to do is wipe the surface where you’ll apply the sticker and make sure it’s completely dry.

Then, peel away the sticker’s backing, holding the sticker by the edges using your forefinger and thumb. Apply the sticker to the surface and use a cloth to make sure it’s sitting flat with no air bubbles underneath. You may need to peel off a top layer of transfer tape to complete the process.

It’s also easy to remove high-quality vinyl stickers from various surfaces without leaving behind any sticky residue. Typically, using a hairdryer or a heat gun to soften the adhesive under the sticker makes peeling the vinyl away from the surface easier.

  • Affordable advertising
Custom decals are an inexpensive promotion option for any business, whether you are a startup or a family-owned business. Personalized vinyl stickers are eye-catching when used with other local marketing strategies, including handing them out with brochures or purchases.

Vinyl stickers are a great way to add some creativity to your social media marketing. Ask users to submit ideas for custom vinyl stickers as a social media contest.

The customer with the best sticker idea receives a prize such as a gift card or a giveaway of one of your products. You can then use their idea on your vinyl decals to advertise your brick-and-mortar business.

  • Attention-grabbing branding

Businesses can make a statement with their custom vinyl stickers. They establish your brand, increase your company’s credibility, and broaden your consumer base.

Custom vinyl stickers should include your logo, slogan, and contact details to attract customers to your store’s location. Additionally, vinyl stickers can incorporate colors and lettering unique to your brand.

You can even include your social media handles on vinyl stickers to encourage people to follow your brand online. By doing so, people will learn about what you sell and events or special discounts on your products that interest them.

Custom vinyl stickers can help establish your brand in the local community and beyond. They are a highly visible, physical advertisement that demands attention from anyone who passes by.

 Uses for Custom Vinyl Stickers
Vinyl stickers are the perfect way to promote your business creatively and effectively. They come in various sizes and shapes with different uses for any company.

  • Custom Car Decals

Advertising with custom car decals allows you to gain publicity for your business beyond the immediate local area. Large businesses with a fleet of trucks can use car decals as a low-cost way to display their brand’s identity over long distances. If you own a small business, you might benefit from personalized car decals to promote your brand locally.

Your car decals can show your business name, phone number, and other relevant information so passersby and other drivers can learn more about your company by simply looking at your vehicle’s vinyl car decals.

Customize them to fit your brand identity’s color scheme, font, and messaging for a cohesive look that instantly reminds customers of your business.

Custom bumper stickers also make a useful marketing tool that is highly visible and covers a larger area than advertising in your storefront. If customers apply them to their vehicles, they can advertise your business while driving, increasing brand recognition in other local areas.

  • Events

Creating and distributing stickers at events is one way to promote your brand or business. If you are hosting your store’s grand opening, you can give away vinyl stickers with free samples of your products or coupons to help market your new business.

You can also use vinyl stickers to promote events such as fundraisers for schools, churches, and non-profit organizations. Customers are more likely to engage emotionally with your brand if you give them something for free.

This marketing method also offers potential customers a chance to test your products, and the custom vinyl stickers help convey your brand’s look and feel so it’s recognizable when they come across it in a store.

  • Vinyl stickers for products

You can use vinyl stickers for marketing your brand by placing them on products. These can be anything from water bottles to coffee cups to corporate branded giveaways for events and conventions. Giving free vinyl stickers during holidays like Valentine's Day, Halloween, and Christmas will attract new customers.

If you ship your products, you can apply the vinyl stickers to the packaging for a fun reminder of where customers got their purchase. You should also include a few free stickers they can apply to personal objects like their laptop or phone case.

The inclusion of complimentary vinyl stickers with deliveries can make your business feel more personal to customers. They can use them to decorate their belongings, so they continue to be your brand advocates even after the transaction is complete.

  • Storefront windows and walls

Storefront window vinyl stickers help window shoppers, and passersby remember your business. When you design vinyl stickers with a catchy slogan or an enticing offer, customers are more likely to notice them and engage with your company.

They may even come into your store to buy your products or ask about your services after spotting the information on stickers in the display window.

If your auto repair shop offers discounts for maintenance, such as tire rotations and oil changes in the winter, you can use custom vinyl stickers to promote these offers in a highly visible location. The use of holiday-themed decals on storefront windows with sales and marked-down products helps increase awareness and attract customers during the winter season.

Your store’s signage and sandwich boards can also feature vinyl stickers so customers can see your brand message the second they walk in the door or even pass by on the street.

Get Custom Vinyl Stickers With Vinyl Mayhem
Your brand can benefit from vinyl stickers, whether you’re using them to grab someone’s attention as they pass by, to surprise clients with a gift, or to promote an event.

Our team of vinyl sticker professionals can help you choose the perfect vinyl sticker for your project. You can trust our printing staff to create the perfect stickers that meet your needs for your local business, a fundraising event, or swag at your next trade convention. Contact us today to get started on your custom vinyl sticker design.