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How to Decorate Your Home With Custom Vinyl Decals

November 18, 2021 5 min read

Decorating your home allows you to express your creativity and style. But if you are renting a home, finding a way to decorate your space can be challenging because many landlords are reluctant to allow you to paint or make changes to the home’s interior.

Vinyl wall decals are a booming new trend that can help you make any space more personal and attractive without breaking the bank. They come in a huge range of themes, designs, and sizes and can be custom-made to suit your aesthetic or a special event.
Discover how you can quickly and easily transform your home’s interior style with custom vinyl decals.

What to Know Before You Apply Custom Vinyl Decals in Your Home
Decals are easy to apply, but there are some essential things you should know before using them to decorate your space.

  • Where to place them

You can place vinyl decals anywhere in your home. Custom vinyl decals can be applied to the walls of your bedrooms, nursery, living rooms, and kitchens. A vinyl decal of an inspirational message or illustration makes a stunning focal point when you walk up the stairs. You can even place vinyl decals on your furniture and appliances like your refrigerator.

Try applying a custom vinyl decal of your child’s name above their bed or crib for a charming way to personalize their room. Add a touch of cafe chic to your kitchen with utensils and serving ware decals applied to the wall behind a set of floating shelves.

Create a more engaging space to work from home with vinyl decals. Inspirational quotes posted on the wall above your desk or the desktop can give you the motivation you need to boost your productivity. If you live in a small space and don’t have room to decorate for the holidays, why not apply a Christmas tree or Menorah vinyl decal to your wall? This decal design lets you celebrate the season without compromising on floor space.

If you are renting your home or apartment, there may be restrictions on customizing your home, such as putting nails in the wall. Vinyl decals are an excellent way to decorate your rental unit without damaging the walls. You can also use decals to display your school spirit while away at college or residing in a college dorm.

  • Types of vinyls available

Some stickers need to be removed with water and soap, but Vinyl Mayhem's outdoor-grade vinyl stickers are made to last. They are coated with a UV-resistant laminate which protects the color and clarity from the sun.

All our vinyl stickers are resistant to wind, rain, and snow so that they can be used outdoors, but they are also easy to use for interior design. Simply peel the backing away from the sticky side and apply the decal to your chosen surface.

  • Select the right surface for your vinyl decals

You can apply vinyl decals to almost any flat, clean surface like metal, drywall, and laminated wood. You can even apply vinyl decals to a blank framed canvas to create a one-of-a-kind print you can place anywhere in your home. However, there are some surfaces where you can’t apply vinyl decals.

Applying vinyl decals to highly textured surfaces like stucco, brick, concrete, or walls with suede or sand-style paints can prevent the adhesive from bonding. It can also create unsightly air bubbles underneath the decal, leaving the vinyl vulnerable to punctures or abrasion.

These surfaces lack the smooth surface required for the application and removal of vinyl stickers. If the surface has some texture, such as a popcorn wall, you may need an Exacto knife or chiseler tool to remove a vinyl sticker.

  • Don’t be afraid to be creative

Using vinyl stickers for home décor offers thousands of creative possibilities. Vinyl Mayhem provides a variety of vinyl sticker designs ranging from inspirational quotes to sports to music motifs.

You can work with Vinyl Mayhem to customize a vinyl decal according to your preferences, including size, color, and content. There is a custom vinyl sticker for everyone, whether you're looking for your child’s bedroom wall stickers or car stickers to show your patriotic pride.

Custom Vinyl Decals: Decorating Your Home
Decorating your home is a great way to express yourself and customize your space. Custom vinyl decals can add dimension and personality to your home.

  • Cars

Car vinyl stickers are a great way to decorate your car, whether you want something witty or bragging rights with a 26.2 marathon achievement. You can show off your unique style on the road with these custom-designed car vinyl stickers. Car stickers come in all shapes and sizes. They can be images, quotes, or numbers.

If you want to express your support for a cause, team, or family with an engaging and entertaining design, then car decal stickers are perfect for showcasing your commitment. You can also use custom car decals to promote your business. Place your custom car decals on your windshield or rear window to spread your brand message to other drivers. A bumper sticker can showcase your brand with eye-catching graphics and timeless messages while building relationships with local clientele.

But car stickers aren’t just for your rear windscreen or bumper. Vinyl decals traditionally used for cars can also be used as decorative elements for your home.

Car decal stickers are often smaller than most custom decals used for home interiors. So, rather than placing them on a blank wall, you can apply them to your bedroom or bathroom mirror, entryway window, light switches, headboards, or even the back of your laptop screen to add a little fun and color to your space.

  • Inspirational quotes

Wall vinyl decals that include stylish lettering can bring a sense of elegance and energy into your home. The vinyl decals can have motivational phrases or inspiring words, such as those from the Bible and other literary texts.

Place them on your bedroom wall, at your front door, or on your kitchen cabinets for a chic way to express your personal ideology or generate some positive vibes in your home.

  • Floral and botanical vinyl decals

Florals and botanical decals can add an element of beauty to your living room. Botanical decals like vines can be used to create stunning faux frames around posters or photos so you can curate an engaging gallery wall in your living room or entryway.

You can add an island vibe to your home by placing vinyl decals with tropical flowers or turtles to make you feel more connected to nature.

  • Special occasions and holidays

Custom vinyl decals are the perfect way to make customized birthday party decorations. You can transform your home into an unforgettable event venue with decorative vinyl decals.

Throwing a Halloween party can be spooky and enjoyable with Halloween-themed vinyl decals. Try adding autumn-themed vinyl decals to your Thanksgiving décor this year. Use heart and angel-shaped wall decals to plan a surprise or romantic dinner on Valentine's Day.

Order Custom Vinyl Decals
Creating an inviting home interior doesn’t mean you need to completely remodel and refurnish the space. With just a few stylish custom vinyl decals, you can transform a bland interior into a space that expresses your personality and style.

Ordering custom vinyl decals is easy with Vinyl Mayhem. Simply fill out our convenient online order form with your name, contact information, and a message about the design you have in mind, and we’ll contact you for more information and provide a quote for your custom order.

Rejuvenate your interior with vinyl decals and let Vinyl Mayhem make your design dreams a reality.