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The Story of our Beginning

November 25, 2020 3 min read

Sticker counter display

Our story begins at the local skate shop’s sticker counter. We would spend our lunch money on stickers, and stick them our boards and things around the house. We saved some of the stickers just because they were cool.

As we got older, traveled a little bit, and started to drive, our ventures took us to Southern California beaches and places like Hawaii and Las Vegas. We now had cars to put stickers on, and the sticker collection grew.

Then in 1996, while working at a restaurant and trying to figure out what direction life was going to take us..  Maybe it was chance, but we met someone in the automotive graphics industry, which led us to meet someone in visual advertising (sign industry). An idea was born: Start a vinyl sticker company!

We started making what are most commonly known as “die cut stickers”, or vinyl "transfer" stickers; doing small signs, vinyl lettering jobs, and making stickers for a few local retailers.

Then one night after a Ska music show at a local club, members of our team met the members of an up-and-coming band called The Aquabats! The question was asked: Do you need stickers? We got our first big client. That client led us to doing work for another Ska band, and soon after, two prominent companies in the surf industry.

We were starting to grow, but had not quite nailed down a name for our business yet. We were only making vinyl stickers & graphics at the time. A lot of sign and print shops had “graphics” or "designs" in their names, but none of them had "Vinyl" in the name.

We were also thinking it was crazy that there were so many things we could make with vinyl; stickers, signs, banners, vehicle graphics, and more! Thinking of all the crazy things we could do with the vinyl and a tribute to one of our favorite Ska / New Wave bands Madness, we came up with Vinyl Mayhem.

Then, the unexpected happened: Our music clients got signed, and suddenly the band's merchandise orders were being handled by the record companies. It was a big loss.

However; right around that time, a lot of people were fixing up their import cars. We had a Honda Civic and were beginning to customize ours. We began to experiment with making import racing style vehicle graphics and applying them to the sides of cars.

We went to the local import drag racing event, "Battle of the Imports" with a few of the cars we installed custom graphics on, and caught the attention of some motorsport and performance companies. We soon began making products for those companies. We also began to emerge into the extreme sports, clothing/apparel, off-road, and boat manufacturing markets. 

This led to us being invited to the SEMA show in Las Vegas, and eventually working directly with many manufacturers in the automotive industry. And before filming began, we consulted producers on the first Universal Pictures' The Fast and the Furious blockbuster movie.

As business dynamics and our focus changed, we added signs, wide format printing, t-shirts/silkscreen printing, vehicle wraps, wall graphics, and graphics supplies into our product line. Between designs, vinyl colors, and product types offered.. we have thousands of product options!

From a local skate shop’s sticker counter, to working with international automotive manufacturers, our focus has always been to make the best products for our customers that we can make at affordable prices. Check out our vast selection of designs and products to find the one that is just right for you, or contact us for your project’s needs.