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Custom Use of Bumper Stickers for Branding

August 26, 2021 4 min read

In modern marketing, it seems like most company branding is performed in a digital format. Branding your business digitally has become popular for its cost-effectiveness and broad audience reach. But digital marketing is not the only cost-effective way to brand your business. Other marketing methods like bumper stickers can create brand awareness without breaking the bank.

The custom use of bumper stickers is a relatively inexpensive way to generate brand awareness with the right sticker design. It might not have the global impact of the internet, but it offers a great opportunity to get your business noticed in your local area.

This makes bumper stickers ideal for businesses with a local customer base and helps develop brand loyalty so that customers keep coming back. It can also be the perfect supplementary form of advertising to your digital marketing efforts. Here’s a list of several custom uses for bumper stickers for branding that can generate leads and boost sales.

Putting Your Logo on a Bumper Sticker
Most company logos are designed to be readable from any distance and tell people what your business is about at a glance. This design is crucial when it comes to putting your logo on a bumper sticker.

When cars go zooming by, people only get a second to see that logo and internalize its message. So make sure your logo’s colors and fonts stand out and match the company message and emotions your business wants to evoke. For example, if you’re representing a law firm, use classic serif fonts as well as black and dark blue colors to convey a sense of trust and professionalism.

When printing your bumper sticker logo, it is crucial you use professional-grade car decals rather than a standard sticker with low-grade adhesive. Poor quality stickers have a shorter lifespan than vinyl decals and leave sticky residue on fenders that become very difficult to remove. In addition to producing premium vinyl bumper stickers, Vinyl Mayhem has all the tools you need to apply your own custom decals to your fleet of company vehicles.

Give Out Free Stickers at Special Events
First impressions are important. Trade shows, grand openings, and promotional sales are critical major business events that provide you with the opportunity to interact with potential customers and make a positive impression. Giving out free bumper stickers can endear customers to your business and provide a gentle reminder of your products or services. These custom car stickers don’t have to have your logo on them. They could have a joke or witty comment or slogan to make them even more memorable.

When designing a custom branded bumper sticker, the most important thing is that the content on these stickers should include something recognizable about your brand, such as color or slogans. If you hand out enough of these stickers to people from your local area, then they can provide passive marketing that introduces your brand to the area.

Include Your Company Contact Details
You could have the most attractive-looking decal or bumper sticker in town. But what good is it if you don’t include contact details to lead people to you?

Always remember to include your company’s contact details on your bumper stickers. In addition to your phone number, you should include digital contact information like an email or social media account. When it comes to generating leads, most marketing touchpoints occur online, and it takes six to eight touchpoints to generate a sales lead. This means you need to include your email and the logos of the social platforms that you can be found on. And most importantly, include your website URL.

Market Special Offers With Bumper Stickers
Buy one get one free, SALE! 50% off, clearance sale! You can see them in stores and online, and they almost always get your attention. Printing special offers on bumper stickers can provide the same benefits.

Using promotional stickers on a vehicle is a great way to drum up some extra business in your local area. You don’t need to wait until people just happen to stumble past your storefront or online store; instead, your promotional stickers let people know you have a sale going on.

Using bumper stickers to promote sales and events is a great way to get ahead of the local competition. Vinyl Mayhem offers custom orders for bumper stickers so you can design and print car decals that advertise your events using your business’s brand colors, logo, and fonts to promote brand awareness in addition to the sale.

Boost Your Brand With Custom Bumper Stickers
Effective advertising with bumper stickers needs careful branding using your company’s logo, colors, and aesthetic so that your business is instantly recognizable whether you are sitting in traffic or zooming past on the highway. Catchy slogans relating to your company and services ensure people remember your brand.

At Vinyl Mayhem, we can work with you to create a bumper sticker design that represents your brand and conveys your message and company information to other drivers. Our vinyl stickers are durable and weather-resistant, with a high-quality adhesive that bonds strongly to vehicle bumpers, ensuring your brand image is visible even after other company’s bumper stickers have peeled away.

For more information on how you can use bumper stickers to boost your brand or to discuss a custom sticker order, contact us at (760) 949-5205 or via our online form.