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12 Questions About Decorating With Custom Vinyl Decals

December 28, 2021 4 min read


The versatility and smoothness of vinyl make it an ideal material for various customizations. Businesses find that decals are an easy and efficient way to market themselves and share information with clients.

In addition, getting custom vinyl decals can be a great way to decorate your home. There are endless ways to decorate your home with custom decal stickers from the living room to the kitchen. Whether you’re interested in using vinyl decal stickers as artwork around your home or just have questions, you’ll find all the answers here.

What Goes into Creating My Custom Vinyl Decal?
A vinyl cutter uses a tiny blade to precisely cut the vinyl into custom shapes and patterns using the vector design files via the computer. Extra vinyl from the cut decal is removed through a process called weeding. In the final step, a taping machine applies the adhesive layer.

What Type of Vinyl Do You Use for Custom Vinyl Decals?
With our outdoor-grade vinyl, your stickers will last for a long time wherever you place them. The color and clarity of your stickers will not fade even if exposed to sunlight since they all have UV-resistant lamination.

How Could I Customize My Vinyl Sticker?
If you want Vinyl Mayhem to create custom stickers, you can provide high-resolution photos or vector files. We can then produce stickers from these images. Low-resolution images are also workable to print your vinyl stickers. We can also help you design a vinyl sticker.

Can You Provide Any Other Colors for My Custom Vinyl Sticker?
Our site features a color chart page with numerous color selections for you to choose from. If you have a particular color in mind that you’d like us to match, mention it on your custom order form. Our team can order any vinyl you need for your sticker idea.

How Does the Transfer Tape on Decals Work?
A vinyl decal is made of vinyl and a clear plastic or paper backing. Without it, the tiny pieces of your design would be difficult to stick onto objects. We use application tape to hold all the small elements of the pattern together while transferring them to a surface. You can easily remove the transfer tape from the decal, leaving the image in place.

Do Vinyl Stickers Affect Wall Paint?
Vinyl stickers do not damage your wall paint with proper inspection and installation. Check the texture and paint of your walls before applying vinyl. Generally, the more textured a wall is, the more difficult it is to apply vinyl.

Textured paints may pose an adhesion issue as well. Paints with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) levels are less harmful to the environment, but they can resist vinyl adhesion. Vinyl stickers work best with gloss and enamel paints because they provide a smooth, non-porous surface for adhesion.

How Do I Prepare My Walls for Vinyl Stickers?
Stickers may not adhere to walls with peeling paint, scratches, and other imperfections. It is important to fix any flaws on the wall before applying vinyl decals. Thoroughly clean a wall if it has a lot of oil or dirt remnants.

Repaint the wall if necessary and sand down any bumps in the paint. Check the paint manufacturer’s instructions for the recommended drying time.

How Long Do Vinyl Wall Decals Last?
Although our vinyl decal stickers are made for the outdoors and can last 3 to 5 years, they can last longer indoors. Decal stickers may have a longer lifespan if your walls are clean and freshly painted before applying them.

Modern windows are tinted at varying degrees to reduce sun damage inside homes, so vinyl stickers won’t fade as fast compared to those outdoors experiencing UV exposure. They are also not exposed to outdoor pollutants that can decrease their lifespan.

How Easy is it to Remove Decal Stickers from Walls?
A vinyl decal can remain in place for a long time, but it can also be easily removed without damaging the wall. The best way to remove the vinyl from the wall is with an Exacto razor blade tip. You can use the tool to get under the edge of the sticker and then pull away from the wall.

If you are removing vinyl from a wall that has been painted with gloss or enamel paint, you may have to use a hairdryer or heat gun to warm the vinyl first.

Are Wall Decals Reusable?
No, they usually aren’t reusable. It is normal for any decal sticker to lose its adhesive properties over time. Furthermore, when you remove it from most walls, it can strip the wall of some paint and other debris. You may need to patch and re-paint portions of the wall or an entire wall if the vinyl peels the surface layer away.

Can I Place Vinyl Stickers on Cars?
You can use vinyl decal stickers as car decals since they are outdoor-friendly. Also, if you want to make an engaging and fun statement about your support for a cause, team, or family, car decal stickers are a perfect choice.

What Other Ways Can I Decorate My Home With Vinyl Decals?
You can decorate your home quickly and easily without the additional use of nails, tools, or paint on your walls when you use decal stickers. Apart from walls, decal stickers can go on any smooth, non-porous surface, such as windows, doors, mirrors, laptops, and more.

Create Your Custom Vinyl Decals With Vinyl Mayhem
Decorating your home using decals is one of the most cost-effective ways to personalize your space without committing to something permanent. You can easily create decals for your home using Vinyl Mayhem.